Filipino women

Filipino women are also called Filipina.

We are considered with best characteristics in all Asia.

With unique tan skin, bright engaging smile with pleasing eye, friendly, not boring to be with, family oriented, helpful, value education, hardworking, funny, smart and clever personality.

Filipino people are raised to respect parents and elders.

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Filipina as a partner

We can adapt well like certain changes, situations, emotions and handle tough decisions. We can survive in any situation.

Expect that if you have a Filipina partner and a mother at the same time, because we care so much with our partner. Pasalubong (present) is one in our culture. If we go somewhere, we love to buy something for our love ones. It could be Keychain, red magnet or any other souvenirs. It means that we are thinking of you when you’re not with us.
When visiting a family of your Filipina partner, don’t be surprise if you can see a table full of foods, and a Karaoke every events. The whole family will treat you like a King. It means that they warm-welcomed you.

We are not hard to please. With romantic gestures, we appreciate it well. There’s no need for you to buy luxury things just to please us. We value simple way of living. Filipino women prefer older men bec they are matured, serious, and want to have long-lasting relationship.
Filipino women considered marriage as a lifetime commitment. We are loyal, caring and responsible. Money is for us not the most important aspect. What we expect from you is that we want to feel loved at all times even in a simple way.

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With extraordinary traits and great personality. Filipino women are your happy pill and they want you to be always happy especially when you came home from difficult day at work. Being funny with corny jokes are there to entertain you and to make your stress level down. We are positive in life and enjoy taking care of our partner.

If we feel you are true, pure, with clean intentions in dating, expect the best of us.

Tip: Forever exist when you love and respect your Filipina.