Avoid Scammers

Scammers should be avoided. 

You’ll find that the vast majority of people you meet online are real people just like you. 

All dating services, however, are targeted by romance fraudsters, who attempt to form a relationship with you in order to defraud you of money. 

You can recognize scammers by following these basic steps before you waste time chatting with them or, worse, giving them money. 

• Never give money to anyone you meet online. 

Why would someone need to borrow money from someone they have never met, or have only recently met, no matter how convincing they sound? They should approach their friends or relatives for help in this situation. 

• Use the message system at Findyourfilipina.com. 

We catch the majority of scammers immediately and delete them from our website. Unless you provide them your email address, WhatsApp or Yahoo handle, Skype ID, or some other way of communicating you, they have no way of continuing the chat. Be aware of anyone who tries to pressure you into communicating outside of FindyourFilipina.com secure environment.

• Some scammers are not the gender they claim to be! 

If she/he don’t want to do video chat, this might be the reason.