Dating Safety Tips

Meeting new people is exciting, but you should also always use caution when interacting with someone you don’t know. Listen to your gut instinct and judgment, and put your safety first, whether you’re exchanging first messages or meeting in person. While you cannot control the actions of others, there are a few things you can do to keep you safe while using

Online Safety

● Never send money or give out financial information

Never send money, especially by wire transfer, even if a person claims to be in dire straits. A wire transfer is similar to handing over cash: it’s almost impossible to reverse the transaction or keep track of where the money went. Never give out any information that could be used to gain access to your financial accounts. If another user asks you for money for any reason, please let us know right away.

● Protect your personal information

Never give people you don’t know personally identifiable information such as your social security number, home or work address, or information about your daily routine (e.g. that you visit a specific gym every Monday). If you are a parent, limit the information you share about your children on your profile and in initial conversations. Do not tell anyone what your children are called, where they go to school, or what age and gender they are.

● Stay on the platform

Only have conversations on the FindyourFilipina platform while you are getting to know someone. Conversations on are controlled by our secure message filters. Therefore, malicious users often try to resume the conversation as soon as possible on other channels such as SMS, chat and messaging apps, email or phone.

● Be skeptical about long-distance relationships, especially abroad

Time and again, scammers claim to be from your country but stuck in another country, asking for money, for example, so they can return home. Be careful if someone does not want to meet in person and is not ready for a phone or video call. The person may not be who they say they are. If someone doesn’t answer all of your questions, dodges questions, or pushes for a committed relationship without you having met personally, that’s a clear red flag.

● Report any suspicious, offensive, or inappropriate behavior

They know when someone has crossed the line – and we want to know when it happens. Block and report anyone who violates our Terms of Use. Here are some examples of violations:

● Asking for money or donations

● Minor users

● Harassment, discrimination, threats, or offensive messages

● Inappropriate, harmful or hurtful behavior during or after a face-to-face meeting

● Fraudulent or fake profiles

● Spam or solicitation, including links to commercial websites or attempts to sell products or services

You can report any concerns about suspicious behavior from any profile page and chat window, as well as from here. Please see our Community Guidelines for more information.

● Protect your account

Make sure to choose a strong password and always use caution when signing into your account on a public or shared computer. FindyourFilipina will never email you to ask for your username and password. If you receive an email asking for your account information, please report it to us immediately.

The fight against Cyberbullying

Cyber ​​bullying is going nowhere. Least of all for love.

At FindyourFilipina, we speak of cyber bullying when someone repeatedly sends messages to the same person without receiving a response.

These messages, through their repetitive nature and the use of abusive, discriminatory and defamatory words or sexual content without mutual consent, can harm people’s well-being, dignity and mental health.

To counteract this behavior, you should heed the following rules:

Rule 1. Wait and let the other person decide whether or not to answer you.

Rule 2. Asking once or twice for an answer is okay, three times is too much.

Rule 3. Respect your counterpart: do not use insulting or denigrating words and do not send unsolicited inappropriate photos.

If you receive intrusive messages that make you feel uncomfortable, here are some things you can do to end the situation as soon as possible:

Register a profile directly from the message inbox to notify our moderation and security team. Every report is processed as quickly as possible: from the sending of your warning to the permanent deletion of the profile.

Block a profile so that person can no longer contact you.

Personal Meeting

● Do not rush anything

Allow yourself enough time to get to know the other person before agreeing to meet in person or continue conversations outside of FindyourFilipina. Don’t hesitate to ask the other person questions to identify possible signs of fraudulent behavior or your personal knockout criteria. A phone or video call can be a great way to find out more about the other person before the meeting and to make sure everything is okay.

● Meet and stay in public

The first time you meet, meet in a public, busy place – never at your home, at the other person’s home, or in any other private place. If your date pushes you to go somewhere private, be sure to end the meeting.

● Tell friends and family about your plans

Tell a friend or family member about your plans and let them know who you will meet, when, and where you are going. Always have your phone with you and make sure the battery is charged.

● Be in control of how you get there and back

Make sure that you are responsible for getting to and from a meeting so that you can leave at any time. If you drive yourself, ideally you should have an alternative option, such as a lift or a friend to pick you up.

● Know your limits

Be aware of how alcohol or drugs affect you and keep in mind that they can affect your judgment and alertness. If your date tries to get you to use drugs or drink more than you are comfortable with, do not let yourself be persuaded to do so; end the date.

● Never take your eyes off of drinks or personal items

Never accept drinks that you do not know exactly where they are from and always keep an eye on your drink. Only drink drinks that have been served directly to you by the bartender or waiter. Many substances (also known as knockout drops) that can be added to food or drinks to make people defenseless and thus facilitate sexual assault are completely odorless, colorless and tasteless. Also, keep your cell phone, wallet, purse and anything else that contains personal information with you at all times.

● Go if you feel uncomfortable

It’s perfectly okay to end a meeting early if you’re feeling uncomfortable – in fact, it’s the only right thing to do. If your gut instinct is telling you something is wrong or you feel unsure, ask the bartender or waiter for help.

Sexual Health and Ambience

● Protect yourself

When used correctly and consistently, condoms can greatly reduce the risk of contracting or transmitting sexually transmitted infections such as HIV. Don’t forget, however, that some sexually transmitted infections, such as herpes or human papillomavirus, can also be transmitted through skin contact. Vaccinations can lower your risk of developing some sexually transmitted infections.

● Know your health status

Not all sexually transmitted infections show symptoms and you should know at all times whether you have contracted an infection. Get tested regularly, both for your own health and to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

● Talk about it

Communication is everything: talk to a partner about sexual health and tests for sexually transmitted infections before becoming intimate with each other. And remember, in some countries it is even a crime to knowingly take the risk of spreading sexually transmitted infections to others.

● Consent

Before all sexual activities, all persons involved must agree to it and during sexual activity it should be ensured again and again that the partner is still enjoying the activity. Verbal communication helps you and your partner make sure you are within your respective limitn respect each other. Consent to sexual activity can be withdrawn at any time during the activity and you are never owed sex to anyone. Stop sexual activity immediately if your partner appears uncomfortable, unsafe, or unable to consent due to the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Resources for Help, Support and Advice

Even if you follow all of this advice, no method of reducing risk is perfect. If you have a bad experience, know that it is not your fault and that you can get help.