Find short solutions to the most frequently asked questions by our users. 

Before contacting us, please check if the answer to your question is already covered here to help us provide everyone with a faster support experience. 

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• How do I upload my photos? 

Please click on the first empty small add photo symbol (under the big one), click “choose file”, click “add this photo” after choosing a picture. To add more photo, kindly click the next small empty photo and follow the same step like the first upload.

add photo

• My password has been forgotten. So, what should I do now? 

Here’s where you can get a link to reset your password. 

• Why aren’t my email address and password recognized? 

If you’re not sure what your password is, you may reset it here. Please contact our Support Team if you no longer have access with your email. Otherwise, it’s conceivable that our moderators have suspended your account for failing to follow our community guidelines.

• When can I expect my profile to be approved? 

All new profiles will be moderated within a few hours, if not sooner. Other users can see your profile right away, but your description and photos stay hidden. Your entire profile gets available once you’ve been approved. 

• Why was my application turned down? 

If your profile was rejected, it was because it contained material that violated our community guidelines. Please make any necessary changes to your profile and resubmit it. 

• What is the procedure for canceling or deleting my account? 

Select the option to delete your account from your account settings. 

• What can I do if I don’t want to get email notifications anymore?

Turn off the email notifications option in your account settings. We will not send you any additional notifications. 


• If I’m a premium member, may other users reply to my messages for free? 

Yes. Others can react to your messages for free if you are a premium member. Similarly, regardless of your own status, you can react to messages from other premium members. 

• My inbox was empty of messages. Why? 

Users’ messages and likes are automatically deleted when they leave the Findyourfilipina.com site. They may have canceled their account or been rejected by our administrators because they did not follow our community guidelines. To keep the website running smoothly, we also erase communications that are older than 6 months. 

• Someone approached me and asked for money. So, what should I do now? 

Even if the caller claims to be in an emergency, do not give any money. Report them to our moderators instead. Select the report user option from the menu icon in user’s profile page. 

• What is the procedure for blocking someone? 

Select the block user option from the menu icon in the a user’s profile page. Using the same way, you can unblock them at any time. 

Subscriptions and payments

• Is there any other way I can pay? 

We currently only accept payments via PayPal using a bank card or a credit card. Bank transfers, Western Union, and cryptocurrencies are not accepted. 

• Is it possible to pay for only one month? 

Yes. Your premium status will be active for one month only and will not be renewed. 

• What is the procedure for canceling my premium subscription? 

Your premium status will stay active until the end of the paid-for month and will not be renewed after that.

• My credit card has been declined. So, what should I do now? 

Please try once more. You’ll have to try a different card if it still doesn’t work. The charge could have been declined for a variety of reasons, including your bank’s rejection of the transaction or our payment processor’s anti-fraud measures refusing to allow the transaction to go through. 

• It’s the second time I’ve been charged. So, what should I do now? 

If you tried to pay multiple times but were unsuccessful, a pending payment may appear on your bank statement or in your online banking. This charge was not successful and will be removed automatically.

If you still have issues, please contact our Support Team so that we can investigate the situation and, if necessary, offer a refund. 

• Why isn’t there a free trial available? 

While we at Findyourfilipina.com would want to provide a free trial option, but this would result in spam and users receiving an excessive number of unsolicited messages.

Having a paid premium status and allowing people who have liked each other to communicate each other ensures that messages are valuable and our users are safe.